Setting up a new business

Punto Nuova Impresa

Since 1994, the Punto Nuova Impresa has been working in every Chamber of Commerce in Lombardy. This service provides free information and guidance to anyone looking to start a new business and become self-employed.

There are many decisions to be made, especially during the start-up phase of a business initiative. Receiving prompt advice from qualified operators can provide concrete support for understanding, tackling and therefore resolving the problems connected to the creation and subsequent development of a business activity.


Teseo guides are handbooks that give useful information for anyone seeking to launch a business activity. They support the work of the Punto Nuova Impresa, as well as the Formimpresa agencies operating in different trade organisations. This collection is complemented with quicker tools, the Teseo cards, which in a more manageable format of 4-6 pages deal with niche activities and summarise the most important information to start up a desired activity.


In the field of guidance, a series of initiatives are organised for aspiring and new-entrepreneurs, including the seminars "Setting up your own business: an achievable challenge". They represent the first step towards the entrepreneurial preparation that is useful when tackling the problems of setting up a business. Over 8 hours, participants receive financial-economic, legal and fiscal advice, but also all the information needed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their business plan and to begin planning their desired idea with a greater understanding.


The one-stop business advisory centre (SUAP) reduces the time and burdens on businesses when starting up their economic activity. The Chamber of commerce handles the online management of the processes, and all the applications received are filed to the competent authorities. Once replies are received from the relevant organism, they are submitted to the business. Once again, the Chamber provides online know-how and digital tools.


Finally, a business incubator was founded to encourage the creation of business, particularly among young people. Every year in well-equipped spaces, selected aspiring and new entrepreneurs are supported by experts who provide them with advice and assistance to help them develop and plan their business ideas and therefore tackle the start-up phase as smoothly as possible. We aim at aspiring individuals or groups of entrepreneurs, new businesses or newly self-employed workers who wish to work or are already working in either traditional or innovative services.


In a constantly evolving labour market, developing an entrepreneurial mentality is particularly important, even in very young people. Thanks to the School Project, yearly since 1996, we offer students from upper secondary schools, especially those at the end, a series of guidance and training initiatives. These aim to bring them closer to the business culture and to help them understand the world of work which they will enter as workers or entrepreneurs once they have finished their studies.