Assistance and counselling

The Swift competitive development for SMEs project was established to encourage change and facilitate the distribution of innovative tools in the territory's SMEs. It represents an opportunity for companies and final year students/new graduates.

Participating companies have the chance to internally develop or test technologically and/or organizationally innovative projects, thanks to the support of a dedicated team composed of a senior consultant and a final year student/new graduate. The former provides the company with experience, while the latter brings creativity, renewal and the willingness to work hands-on and put freshly acquired knowledge into practice.


The IP protection and enhancement project aims to support innovation and competitiveness of Bergamo micro-SMEs and enhance their competitive strength. It consists of a systematic series of initiatives and services developed to help companies identify and manage their Industrial Property. Interested parties can attend awareness seminars, a series of meetings and special training courses, but also a support service which provides basic and advanced technical and scientific advice, as well as technical support.


The Profitable implementation of ideas innovation project is aimed at all local businesses which intend to make innovative changes within in order to grow and achieve better performances in terms of innovation, internationalisation and aggregation. Within this framework, Bergamo Sviluppo offers thematic seminars, training courses, company check-ups and advices that focus on or promote the structured management of the innovation process, the development of an internationalisation culture, and even the sharing of information to facilitate aggregation and business networks.