Bergamo Sausage

Sausage, better known as loanghina, is a typical dish of the rural lands of Bergamo.

Tasty and delicious, this sausage is excellent with many other dishes, from polenta to vegetables. It is also delicious eaten raw, spread on bread. It is used both as a main dish, to prepare fillings, and also as an ingredient in sauces.

Production and conservation

Sausage It is made with fresh pork, the lean part obtained from the thigh, the shoulder and the neck, while the fat part proceeds from the throat, the chin and the flank.

The seasoning is carried out by adding salt, red wine and spices to the mixture. It is then stuffed into sheep gut casings called groppino. It should be kept in cool and ventilated places.


The final product is tube-shaped with a diameter ranging between 22 and 28 mm, a pinkish colour with white dots. The interior has a bright colour and a uniform texture.