Treviglio Cake

Treviglio cake is a delicious and fragrant sweet, made of short pastry, eggs, vanilla and almonds. Made of simple and natural ingredients, it is a genuine artisan product that we might call the grandmother's cake. Its origin is relatively recent. This cake was created, in fact, in 1990 in a contest organized by the Association of Treviglio Shops. A product was wanted to be associated with the festival of Our Lady of the Tears, Treviglio patron saint, celebrated every year on the last day of February.

Winner of the contest, this gently-flavoured specialty has gained much notoriety so that it is produced and consumed throughout the year.

Preparation and storage

Torta di Treviglio To prepare the pastry, flour, sugar, egg yolk, lemon rind and vanilla are needed. The filling is made from ground almonds, sugar, butter, egg yolks and whites. The production area corresponds to the province of Bergamo and the designation is reserved for the product meeting the requirements set by the “BERGAMO, City of the Thousand... Flavours” brand.


Delicious aromatic cake made of short pastry, eggs, vanilla and almonds. It could be described as the typical grandmothers’ cake made from simple, natural ingredients – it is an authentic, fresh, homemade product. It has a flat circular shape, a convex upper face, uneven, garnished with almonds or not. Average diameter is about 24 cm.

Appearance on cutting: smooth yellow paste, granulated for the presence of ground almonds. Weight and size are variable.