Bergamo Bacon

Bergamo bacon is produced only with fresh pork, with or without rind, and a minimum weight of 3 kg. The sweet taste and the softness of this meat are due to the environmental conditions in the area of production, characterised by woodlands and valleys with a temperate climate, enough to allow a slow and gradual maturation. The delicacy and taste of this sausage make it suitable to eat with fresh bread or to use for the preparation of sauces and condiments for pasta, polenta and gravies to combine with meat.

Production and storage

Bacon To describe the preparation of Bergamo bacon, it is necessary to make a distinction between rolled and stretched bacon. In the first version the meat is cleaned, skinned and trimmed, while in the second version it is not stripped of its rind. In both cases, the bacon is stretched and coated with a mixture of salt, wine and spices. Salting should last not less than 7 days.

Next, the meat is folded like a book, rolled, tied and sewn by hand, and placed into its natural casings for the seasoning. Bacon can be more or less flavourful according to the salting, spices, herbs and pepper used.

The whole product should be kept for a minimum of 45 days in cool and ventilated places. The product is kept at an ideal temperature between 12 and 15° C. Once cut, it is kept refrigerated. In order to make it tastier, it should be removed from the refrigerator an hour before eating it.


Bergamo bacon has a diameter ranging between 10 and 12 cm, and it is length is between 15 and 20 cm. The colour is light for the presence of fat with red veins of lean meat. It has a sweet and delicate taste, slightly spicy and salty.