A guide to local food products

Agrì Cheese — Soft cheese produced in the upper Val Brembana from fresh cow's or goat's milk.

Bergamo Bacon — Italian bacon, typically salt-cured and seasoned with pepper, spices and herbs then dried for at least 45 days.

Bergamo Bramata Flour — Dish made from boiled cornmeal. It can be made of fine grain (polenta fioretto) or coarse grain (polenta bramata).

Bergamo Cotechino — Italian charcuterie product (salume) whose name comes from cotica (rind), that together with pork meat, fat, salt and spices, makes up the filling. Usually it is boiled at low heat or grilled.

Bergamo "Il Botto" Prosciutto — Ham produced exclusively with Bergamo-raised pigs of more than one year of age. The ripening lasts 16 months in halls scattered with hay for the ham to absorb the distinctive aroma.

Bergamo Lard — Type of salume (Italian charcuterie) made by curing strips of fatback with rosemary and other herbs and spices.

Branzi — One of the most typical cheeses of the Orobian Alps, named after a village in Valle Brembana.

Casoncelli (dialect variant "casonsèi") — Stuffed pasta similar to ravioli, typical of Lombardy. The filling is a mixture of bread crumbs, egg, cheese, sausage, raisins, amaretto biscuits, pear, and garlic. They are served with melted butter flavoured with sage leaves.

Creste Scalvine — .

Donizetti's Cake — Named after the great composer from Bergamo, it is prepared with flour, starch, butter, sugar, eggs, candied pineapple and apricot and vanilla with maraschino.

Erborinato Bergamasco — Blue gourmet cheese made from raw cow's milk. It has a sweet and tangy flavor.

Polenta and Osei — Sweet made with sponge cake, cream, marzipan and chocolate.

Scarpinocc of Parre — Sort of ravioli filled with cheese, eggs, butter, bread crumbs and spices.

Treviglio Cake — Pastry cake filled with a mixture of ground almonds, sugar, egg yolks and egg whites.