Bergamo Chamber of Commerce

Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture is an independent public body with its own statute. Its role is to represent the general interests of businesses in the province, paying particular attention to the system of SMEs, and promoting regional economic development.

Bergamo Chamber of Commerce is part of a network system that connects the Italian Chambers of Commerce nationwide, their regional unions and the national Union of Chambers (Unioncamere). Each Chamber of Commerce maintains close ties with organisations, institutions and trade associations. They work with the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and provide companies with a privileged access to new markets.

cciaa-02.jpg_921096378.jpgWhat we do. The Chamber of Commerce carries out the administrative activities provided by the law (the register of companies and other professional registers). It promotes the study and analysis of data on the local economy and implements direct measures for the internationalisation of business, innovation and technology transfer, the development of infrastructures, the protection of the environment and finally the access to credit. Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce promotes actions aimed at the protection of market transparency, fair economic relations among businesses and between businesses and citizens, services for the protection of consumers and for the resolution of disputes. Through its special agency “Bergamo Sviluppo”, it also promotes entrepreneurial training and services for the start-up of new companies.

Improving the province economic and social conditions falls within the Chamber of Commerce institutional tasks. To achieve the objective, it invests a portion of its budget in a development programme for the business system. These aid measures involve the direct implementation of promotional initiatives in Italy and abroad, co-funding and co-partnership in initiatives promoted by other parties. In addition, there are programmes for the enhancement of tourism and local resources such as typical products, culinary specialities and gourmet restaurants.