The province of Bergamo is located in the heart of Lombardy, the most dynamic and richest region in Italy, with is also among the area with the strongest economic development in the entire European Union. Its central position benefits communication, transportation and contacts with market, contributing to the high prestige of the whole province.

The value added generated in Bergamo (over 31 billion euros in 2016) is 27,000 euros per head, making Bergamo the 21st-richest province in Italy; in Lombardy, Bergamo is 3rd after Milan and Brescia province. Industry contributes 39,6% to the value added produced (of which construction 7%), services, 59,4%, and agriculture 1%.

There are a great many businesses across all sectors – from manufacturing to advanced services – with a strong group of SMEs as well as medium-sized and large organisations employing significant numbers of people.