Torta Orobica

This cheese, like many other soft cheeses, is particularly simple as far as production technology is concerned, and is made from whole cow's milk. It is a soft medium-aged cheese, reminiscent of taleggio, although firmer. The scarce equipment needed for its production, in addition to the limited amount of energy needed to reach the low temperatures required, suggest that this product may have originated in the pastures where the shepherd had only few facilities available.

Preparation and storage

Torta Orobica CheeseThe traditional recipe requires the use of raw whole milk, processed immediately after milking. Today it is heated to about 37-38° C, and at this temperature rennet is added. About 30 minutes later the milk curdles. Then the curd is broken gently into lumps with the size of hazelnuts, and is left to fall to the bottom. It is then extracted and placed into the moulds. Salting is carried out in the dry or in brine, and starts after 24 hours. The product is cured for about 60 days.


Very delicate flavour and typical aroma. Each piece can weigh up to 4-5 kg and comes with a pinkish or reddish crust.