Donizetti’s Cake

This sweet was created to commemorate Bergamo’s great musician Gaetano Donizetti. Legend has it that, at a lunch with the composer Rossini, the latter, faced with his guest’s love qualms, instructed his chef to prepare a quick and easy recipe, on condition that it was sweet.

Torta del Donizetti The cake is said to have met the favour of the two musicians and was dedicated to Donizetti. In reality this cake was created by Alessandro Balzer in 1948 to celebrate the centenary of the Bergamo opera composer’s death.

The name of “Donizetti cake” is reserved to the product that meets the requirements set by the "BERGAMO, city of Thousand... Flavours” brand regulations.

Preparation and storage

This cake is made with flour, starch, butter, sugar, eggs, candied pineapple and apricot with vanilla and maraschino aromas. It is ring-shaped and its taste is very delicate. This cake is served dusted with icing sugar.


Delicate taste, exceptional if accompanied with Bergamo Moscato Giallo (Yellow Muscat).