Bergamo Bramata Flour

Bramata refers to a coarsely ground flour of maize. Flour for the original Bergamo polenta must be obtained exclusively from vitreous or semi-vitreous maize varieties cultivated in the province of Bergamo.

Preparation and storage

Farina bramata The grain must be dried on the cob and the corn must not present traces of mycotoxins. The grinding must be done, as far as possible, with stone mills and must not be too fine. The flour should be stored in cloth bags and kept in very dry sites.

It is advisable, from time to time, to mix the flour in order to allow it to take the air and prevent the formation of lumps. It is also always preferable to consume the flour within a year of harvest.


Polenta obtained with this flour has a deep yellow colour and requires at least 50 minutes of cooking. It has a significant yield and fragrant intense flavours.