Bergamo Sviluppo


Bergamo Sviluppo is the special agency of Bergamo Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 1994, its mission is to support the development of the local economic fabric by working in close collaboration with local trade organisations.

It pursues this goal by providing guidance and personalised expert advice to individuals and companies, and by planning specific training measures aimed at entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, company managers and workers. It also runs refresher and teacher training courses open to anyone who already works; it creates and coordinates projects and services to the benefit of all Bergamo companies. Bergamo Sviluppo helps start-up companies to develop and consolidate their presence in the local economic system and on international target markets.

Its field of action is divided into the following areas:

  • Lifelong learning and teacher training;
  • Guidance, studies and research;
  • Business start-up, development and internationalisation;
  • Innovation and technology transfer.