Bergamo Lard

Today is a top ranking Bergamo delicacy, but in the past lard was a significant source of calories at a time when a poor diet was a widespread reality among peasant families. The special processing, spices and aromas make Bergamo lard a real delicacy.

Production and storage

Lardo The top portion of pork loin is used in chops of about 3 kg, 4 to 6 cm thick. The pieces thus obtained are manually salted, added with spices and sometimes flavours. At the end of the maturing stage for a period of 60 days, the pieces are marinated in an infusion of white wine for another 30 days.

The product obtained is soft, white with pink veins, more or less tasty depending on the processing and the type of salting. Bergamo lard is tasty and melts in the mouth. It is stored in a cool and ventilated place.


The final product has a rectangular and flat shape; minimum weight of 2.7 kg, the external colour is a uniform pink, while the exterior has a white compact texture with alternating red veins.