Mountains, lakes and sports


Orobic Alps

THE OROBIC ALPS. The Orobic Alps form the mountainous spur which runs from Lake Como to Val Camonica, marking the border between the provinces of Bergamo and Sondrio. The Orobie trail is a breath-taking high altitude trekking circuit of seven to eight days over the entire mountain area, featuring views of incomparable beauty.

The trail is all clearly marked, and full of sheltered areas and camps. It is very famous among mountain lovers who come from far and wide to enjoy the excitement.

THE SERIO FALLS. The Serio Falls are one of the many magnificent attractions in the Bergamo mountains. They are the highest waterfalls in Italy, featuring three descents from an altitude of over 300 metres.

They are only open on a few Sundays during the summer months and form a really unique tourist attraction.


Bergamo has two lakes: Lake Iseo and Lake Endine. Many tourists come to admire the views around these lakes or to visit the charming villages around the shores. There are many different routes to take by car, bicycle, horse or by foot, taking you from the lake to the surrounding hills so you can enjoy the beauty of this part of the Bergamo province.

They are a great tourist destination for amateurs of sports and many open-air activities. Lake Iseo is a great place to go sailing: there are many different day-long courses with stops at town centres and on Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe.

Sporting tradition and icons

atalanta-tribuna-giulio-cesare.jpg_1316974783.jpgATALANTA. Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, Bergamo sporting icon, has been involved in the world of football since 1907. The team's history has been graced by many important coaches, famous Italian and foreign champions, as well as unforgettable presidents. With its pride and excellent results, this team continues to bring the name and footballing traditions of Bergamo to the most prestigious football pitches around Italy. Atalanta celebrated its centenary in October 2007.

CYCLING. Many major names from Bergamo are part of the history of international cycling: Felice GimondiGianbattista Baronchelli and Paolo Savoldelli, to mention but a few. In the past, champions from Bergamo such as PesentiBianchi and Gamba have not only recorded major victories but have also set up companies that manufacture and export real technical and technological treasures in the world of bicycle models.

FOPPAPEDRETTI VOLLEY BERGAMO. Bergamo is also a land of volleyball champions. For many years, volleyball has been a symbol of the city and province of Bergamo.

With FoppaPedretti, women volleyball here boasts one of the most famous teams around the world, known for the great success it has achieved.